Lotti and the Social Media Jungle – Twitter ahead!

Dear friends of the Blogging World,

I have recently come across this blogpost about ‘How to Twitter’ by wonderful blogger and writer Molly Greene, which I would herewith like to share with you, as well.

It contains a little summary of the most important rules and ‘How To’s when using Twitter and outlines some interesting Twitter facts which could be of help when growing your account. I, for example, didn’t know that there was a limit Continue reading


Lotti and the Social Media Jungle – Top times for posting on Social Media

Dear friends of the Blogging World,

I have just come across this blog post which could be of great value if adapted. I have heard about this topic several times, but never actually read about or researched it. Thinking of it now, this might be something to truly check out and – especially – to go over the statistics of each social media account to make sure that all the posts are being received, viewed and shared! Continue reading

Lotti and the Social Media Jungle – Instagram Hashtags

A little explanation of the recent Instagram’s Most Popular Hashtags – just for fun!

I just love having stuff like this one on my list of “Must Reads” and “Follow up on’s”, and when I actually get to read them, they always turn out to be such fun! (as Miranda’s mom Penny would call it) The world of Social Media never gets boring! Continue reading

Lotti and the Social Media Jungle – What To Write About?


Dear friends of the wonderful Blogging World,

As some of you might have noticed, I have not been blogging frequently over the past few months (apart from the last couple of weeks) – partly, because I tend to get excited by too many things at the same time which almost always leads to never-ending time issues (can’t beat it, it’s my “naturel”) and partly, because I quite often lack ideas when it comes to writing a blog as an artist.

I know that it is crucial to blog frequently (meaning on a regular basis but not necessarily every day), and that’s exactly what I am opt to do (and need to highly improve on) for this year 2015.

BUT, what are you to post having a personal blog as an artist? What if you – surprisingly or not – aren’t a full time artist but have instead a full time job and are not able to complete a painting each day or within two weeks? What is an artist to do to fill Continue reading

Lotti and the Social Media Jungle – Tweaking Websites

Dear friends of the Blogging World

The paCafé Societyst few days I spent digging deep into the design features of my official Website adding things, deleting things, changing and rearranging things so that it now looks neat and more appealing than before. I will be, however, making several more changes to it this year and, hopefully, adding an Online Store when the time is right. Yay!

While looking forward to doing this, I will first dive into customizing the appearance of this Blog a little further and then try and figure out how Google+ works. You see, with so many social media platforms and all of them working differently it is – as Monk would say – quite a Jungle out there! 😀 Continue reading