Lotti’s current doings – new WIP “Jaguar”

Nicht dass ihr denkt, ich tue nichts über die Feiertage!

Untermalung mit Gouache und Vorzeichnung mit einem Aquarelle Buntstift bevor ich dann mit der Ölfarbe starte.

Hier könnt ihr euch das Video anschauen:


New work in progress – another Jaguar.

First I stained the canvas with gouache and then started the drawing with an aquarelle coloured pencil. Rest will be done in oil colours.

Watch the video here:



Lotti and the Social Media Jungle – Instagram Reloaded

Dear folks

Apparently I have just now found out how to properly use Instagram; dunno what I did wrong up until now (maybe it was the lack of tags?) 🙂

http://www.instagram.com/lottileibnitz Continue reading

Acrylic Revolution?

Dear folks

Even though I am more of an “oil person” in terms of painting techniques, I am also an “acrylic person” when it comes to my natural impatience which makes me usually want to finish things up almost before I’ve even started to paint. Continue reading

Lotti and the Social Media Jungle – Instagram Newbie

Dear folks

In order to fully adapt “socially” ;-P I thought its high time to get down to business and therefore create an account on Instagram, as well.

So now you can follow me here, too: http://www.instagram.com/lottileibnitz

Alright, my dears, keep up that good spirit of yours, stay tuned and receive my many hugs,
Yours always,
Lotti ❤ ❤

Art by Lotti – untitled


New painting, finished this summer!

For detailed view go to: www.lottileibnitz.com