Literature by Lotti

Dear folks,

You can find all my written works in the Words section of my official Website.

Further to this, my Blog holds some related sub-categories for you to check out:

  1. MINT MOMENTS with Lotti – a new blog series, which invites you to get creative with me; for more on what the idea is behind this new series, check out my introduction.
  2. Lotti and the Social Media Jungle – a series where I openly admit to be confused every so often when it comes to social media and the things I’ve learned through other bloggers’ posts in order to get lost in ‘da jungle’ a bit less than in the past.
  3. Poems/Prosa/Short Stories – a selection. Most of my written works, however, you will find on my official website.
  4. Lotti’s Favorite Quotes – self-explanatory.
  5. Creative Musings/Gedankenbulletin – just a few rather disturbing musings.
  6. Die kleinen Philosophien eines ganz alltäglichen Lebens – German monthly series about the beauty of everyday life, told in short anecdotes.


That’s about it for now! I hope that you will enjoy browsing both my Website and Blog and please feel free to Like, Comment & Share all my posts!

With love,
Yours always,
Lotti ❤




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