Art by Lotti

Dear folks,

You can find all my Artworks in the Gallery section of my official Website.

Further to this, my Blog holds some related sub-categories for you to check out:

  1. WIP-Lounge – where I put my ‘works in progress’ until the they’re finished
  2. Lotti’s Art Journal – ‘The Making of…’ – where I am sharing with you the process of creating a just finished piece
  3. Video-Logs – for now I have just a few uploads of real time clips; in the future I am aiming at embedding time lapse videos showing you the whole process of creating a piece of Art
  4. Creations 2015 – self-explanatory, right?

There you go! I hope that you will enjoy browsing both my Website and Blog and please feel free to Like, Comment & Share all my posts!

Should you be interested in purchasing one of my paintings, please do not hesitate to contact me directly by e-mail for further information on materials used, size, pricing and shipping details.

Happy creations!
Yours always,
Lotti ❤





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