Who is Lotti Leibnitz?

Lotti Leibnitz is the artistic name of Romina Bogdanovic. I am a self-taught Visual Artist and Writer. Throughout the week I am working in the administration field, while in the evenings and on weekends I emerge from being an office mouse to a passionate big cat *meow* 😉 focusing on what I love most: family, friends, creating with paint brushes and words, dancing, playing in a theater, singing along, reading books, watching crime series, having keen conversations about the philosophy of life, observing animals and being outside in the nature when time allows.

My passion for creative action has evolved long before I attended my first day in school. Unfortunately, the years of adolescence and adulthood led to a long break and a change of priorities. However, the time is now right to begin afresh – the energy is flowing nicely and the ideas are shooting my way as never before.

Anything creative, be it simple or big, be it an own project or a project collaboration, it all attracts my curiosity and calls for action if time allows. I like to see myself as a chameleon, switching between the most gorgeous, vivid colours of my dress with every new exciting prospect of creative action I am opt to take.

For the most part, however, I am trying to satisfy my hunger by going back to the roots: reliving my passion for the simple beauty of creating art by drawing and painting with (mostly) oil and acrylic colours and by writing poems/prosa and short stories in German and English.

When it comes to writing, I do not care so much about the rules of literature in general, because all I want is to leave that flow run freely when I am on a roll. And when I am painting, I love to go the traditional way. I love to paint “things” rather than go abstract (although I find abstract art very intriguing, too), which makes me usually want to get as close to reality as possible. Although I do have my “moments”, where I can get “crazy” and finish an initially traditional piece with a rather abstract feel to it.

Generally, I am a rather impulsive, fast-thinking person lacking a certain patience. However, when it comes to painting or writing (and I do not really know why or how),
I always undergo a rather fabulous transformation which leaves me all chilled and in a zen-like state of mind in which I could do what I am doing right there for hours and days and years and light-years without getting distracted or feeling that the world has overtaken me and that I must run to keep up with everyone else. Nope. Because this is where my heart lies. And finding your peace of mind should be the focus of every affair of the heart, no matter what that might be.

Now, to get down to the nitty-gritty, this Blog’s main focus is primarily to share my love for fine arts and performing arts with you as well as my thoughts on just about anything I feel the instant urge to think about. My goal for this Blog is to inspire you by being inspired, to take you with me on a journey to loosen up and find one’s creative self, to entertain you with bits and pieces listed in My First Blog Entry and, hopefully one day when the time is right, offer you some more insights on how I create my paintings by writing an Art Journal as well as starting a YouTube channel. 😀

For all these reasons, I am now happily taking you with me on my revived creative journey…

With love,
Yours always,
Lotti ❤

P.S. Erfahre mehr über mich in deutscher Sprache auf meiner offiziellen Website LLAC – The Lotti Leibnitz Art Company