Art by Lotti – Strength l

LLAC Lotti Leibnitz Art Creation Strength Traditional Art Visual Art Fine Art Zurich Acrylic Painting

“Strength l”
acrylic on canvas
80x2x80 cm


Dear children of the Universe,

This is my newest painting.

For this painting I used acrylic paint and acrylic spray paint (for the underlayers).

You are always welcome to comment on my works.

Alright, my dears, keep up that good spirit of yours, stay tuned and receive my many hugs!

With love,
yours always,
Lotti ❤

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Liebe Kinder des Universums

Dies ist meine allerneueste Kreation.

Für dieses Bild benutzte ich Acrylfarbe und Acryl Sprayfarbe (für die unteren Schichten).

Kommentare zu diesem und anderen Werken sind immer willkommen!

Grosse Umarmung,
Eure Lotti ❤

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3 thoughts on “Art by Lotti – Strength l

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