Art by…well, not always Lotti

Lotti Leibnitz Art Creation LLAC Oilpainting Art Traditional Art Visual Art Portrait Painting Zurich Work in Progress Cats Paw Animals Creativity

When I moved into my appartment several years ago, I thought that I will be paying rent for myself only, having my own space and freedom to spread my things without bothering anyone. As a matter of fact, I never did…bother anyone with my stuff…on the contrary! The cats in the neighbourhood seem to have found a second home for them to settle in (even though I never ever invited them over to my home or worse, fed them!) – when I moved in, they just took it for granted that “mi casa es su casa”.

And as much as they like to curl up on MY bed or MY sofa, they also like to pimp up my art, as you can see (and this should actually be another commissioned work…hugh!)…not mentioning the paw-prints I had to remove from the floor (oil paint!!) later that day…

Alright, people and cats, keep up that good spirit of yours, stay tuned and receive my many hugs!

yours always,
Lotti ❤



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