Art by Lotti – Defined Surreality


Lotti Leibnitz Art Creation Surrealism Wildlife Fairytale Fantasy Realism Oilpainting Artwork

“Defined Surreality”
oil on canvas
90x4x60 cm


Dear folks,

This is my newest creation I have just finished a couple of days ago!
For me, it is definitely my most favorited painting I have made so far (probably because I Continue reading


Lotti’s childhood, piece by piece…


Dear folks,

It is time for the 4th monthly childhood drawing! For 2015 I will be uploading one of those at the end of each month to celebrate my wonderful rediscovery at my parents’ attic! For more on that, read this short story.

As far as my memory goes, as a child, I always wanted to be like one of those many beautiful princesses wearing the most gorgeous dresses, who were Continue reading


Lotti Leibnitz Old Book Stories Poems Prosa Short Stories Lyrics Writing Zurich

Anfang entsteht.
Sauerstoff kreiert.
Farben entspringen.
Formen gedeihen. Continue reading

Lotti’s favorites


Lotti Leibnitz Favorite Quotes Art Creation Writing Blogging Paintings Drawings Short Stories Poems Zurich

“Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.” (Eugene Ionesco)

“Ideologien trennen uns voneinander. Träume und Ängste führen uns zusammen.”
(Eugene Ionesco)

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yours always,
Lotti ❤

WIPLounge – Spirited


work in progress - SPIRITED by

120 x 4 x 100 cm oil on canvas – work in progress. When the painting is finished, I will be starting an Art Journal, describing each of the steps I took in creating this piece, what material I used and – how could it not be – what emotions and changes of mind I experienced during the process.

Stay tuned & feel the flow!
Yours always,
Lotti ❤