Lotti and the Social Media Jungle – What To Write About?


Dear friends of the wonderful Blogging World,

As some of you might have noticed, I have not been blogging frequently over the past few months (apart from the last couple of weeks) – partly, because I tend to get excited by too many things at the same time which almost always leads to never-ending time issues (can’t beat it, it’s my “naturel”) and partly, because I quite often lack ideas when it comes to writing a blog as an artist.

I know that it is crucial to blog frequently (meaning on a regular basis but not necessarily every day), and that’s exactly what I am opt to do (and need to highly improve on) for this year 2015.

BUT, what are you to post having a personal blog as an artist? What if you – surprisingly or not – aren’t a full time artist but have instead a full time job and are not able to complete a painting each day or within two weeks? What is an artist to do to fill the gaps in between each very infrequent blog; between the pride and joy of a new, completed painting and the silence which comes right afterwards (while in the background the artist is already musing about new possible creations as well as dealing with other life-related matters but also struggling with time and time-related issues)?

Well, the answer is somewhere out there, and maybe even closer than I imagined after having read this awesome blog entry.

Nevertheless, I still struggle in understanding what people expect from a blogger being an artist and hobby writer and especially from a blogger who wants to grow his/her knowledge, reach and grow his/her audience and widen his/her horizons in no particular niche; who wants to inspire and entertain in a simple yet refreshing way; who wants to leave a footprint or two in our digitalised world; who wants to share his/her thoughts, creations and “behind the scene” ‘s; who wants to pass his/her knowledge to others by  writing journals and tutorials and who also wants to collaborate with like-minded folks and grow from the insights shared and gained over time?

So, here are a few points for you to join me in and muse about -what is YOUR solution?
1. What are you posting when you are in the process of creating a new painting?
2. Are you posting images of your works in progress, just to keep people entertained?
3. What do you post in the time between two finished works?
4. How do you inspire people?
5. How do you keep inspiring people when you actually have nothing to show or say?
6. Are you struggling with writing down your scheduled blog posts in time?
7. Do you keep “backup blog posts” for times when you lack ideas?
8. Do you believe that having 2-3 niches and various topics to blog about is compatible?

And here’s what I will do. Firstly, for the next weeks I will be plunging into my pool of unanswered questions, reading blogs of fellow artists and trying to find out what their approach for successful ‘theme blogging’ so that I will eventually and hopefully find my leitmotif to follow up.

That said, if you guys have some great suggestions, a list of “Must Do’s” or “Watch Out For’s”, any encouragement or other advice you are very welcome to join in the discussion and help me and any other lost blogger out there by sharing those fabulous tips of yours right there in the comment section below this blog post!

That’s all for now, bunches, keep up that good spirit of yours, stay tuned (as far as that goes, haha) and receive my many thanks and hugs!
Yours always,
Lotti ❤



5 thoughts on “Lotti and the Social Media Jungle – What To Write About?

  1. Is it better (“better”?) to post more often or concentrate on fewer but better quality, more thought out posts? Depends on why you blog I suppose…
    I like your blog because it has quality AND it stands out as different. And maybe a little quirky haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, thank you! 😀 I think that having fewer posts but of a thought out and well written nature might be better than vice versa. But if you can send out a lot of good quality blog posts, it’s even better. My goal is to entertain people and inspire them by doing just what I can and love and hopefully get others to “Yeah! I want to do that, too!”. Same as you, I started my blog basically just for myself, having kind of a place where to put my thoughts and keep a diary, in a sense. However, I get more and more inspired by shooting things out and finding my audience; people who are like-minded, who enjoy to read my blog and who might as well be inspired by it and start being creative themselves, because I am constantly checking out blogs I got inspired by and that’s what I want people who come to my blog to feel, as well! We’ll see… 😀


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