Lotti’s childhood, piece by piece…



Dear folks,

Already the 3rd of twelve months of 2015 has passed and I am herewith uploading one more of my childhood drawings to celebrate my wonderful rediscovery at my parents’ attic! For more on that, read this short story.

As a child I liked to draw Disney characters first and foremost, but I also Continue reading


Lotti and the Social Media Jungle – What To Write About?


Dear friends of the wonderful Blogging World,

As some of you might have noticed, I have not been blogging frequently over the past few months (apart from the last couple of weeks) – partly, because I tend to get excited by too many things at the same time which almost always leads to never-ending time issues (can’t beat it, it’s my “naturel”) and partly, because I quite often lack ideas when it comes to writing a blog as an artist.

I know that it is crucial to blog frequently (meaning on a regular basis but not necessarily every day), and that’s exactly what I am opt to do (and need to highly improve on) for this year 2015.

BUT, what are you to post having a personal blog as an artist? What if you – surprisingly or not – aren’t a full time artist but have instead a full time job and are not able to complete a painting each day or within two weeks? What is an artist to do to fill Continue reading

WIPLounge – Defined Surreality



This is another of several new paintings I am currently working on; this one is almost finishced, though!

Oil on canvas. When the painting is finished, I will be starting an Art Journal, describing each of the steps I took in creating this piece, what material I used and – how could it not be – what emotions and changes of mind I experienced during the process.

Lotti’s current doings – Painting fur (Part III)


Dear folks,

Here is the third and last real time clip of me painting fur – oil on canvas.
FYI: The fur on this painting doesn’t however consist of only three layers (as shown in the three clips) – I had been layering up a few times with various colours and shades in order to get a realistic look.
Continuation of my jaguar-surrealism-painting “DEFINED SURREALITY”.

Please make sure to click HD on the video for better view! More clips coming regularly from now on as I find it very enjoyable – however, soon there will be better clips once I find a solution that works with me not having to hold the phone in one hand while painting with the other. 😉

Happy creations!
yours always,
Lotti ❤


ZüriArt Happenings

Liebe Freunde des Theaters

Hier noch ein weiterer, leckerer Happen Nahrung für eure Seele:

Unsere Regisseurin von ERVOLK hat ein weiteres Baby zur Welt gebracht mit dem Namen “Fernwärme”, welches sie heute Abend an der Premiere präsentieren wird.

Sowohl den Beschrieb des Stücks wie auch die weiteren Spieldaten könnt ihr HIER nachlesen. Ich für meinen Teil werde mir wohl einen ruhigeren Abend für die Vorstellung auswählen, zumal die Premiere sowieso schon längst ausverkauft ist! 😉

Viel Spass!

Grosse Umarmung,
Eure Lotti ❤