Lotti’s childhood, piece by piece…


Dear folks,

One month has passed so quickly that I was astonished to see that I have only posted one blog post since my last piece of childhood; for that I am sorry. However, I have been painting quite a bit lately so there will be quite some blog posts coming soon to make up for my silence!

For now, as February is coming to an end, here is another drawing I have made when I was little. And, to let you into a secret, that “figure” was – along with Arielle – my most favorited motif to draw – can you guess from which cartoon this fascinating lady is?? Have fun digging in the past and let me know in the comments below! 😀


Feel the flow.
yours always,
Lotti ❀


WIPLounge – Spirited


This is another of several new paintings I am currently working on. Oil on canvas.

Next steps will be shown soon. When the painting is finished, I will be starting with an Art Journal, where I will be pointing out and describing each of the steps I took in creating this piece, what material I used and – how could it not be – what emotions and changes of mind I experienced during the process.