Lotti and her Lolita

Gosh…! It’s been a month since I last had my guitar lesson, accordingly, my hand and fingers felt stiff as a wet T-shirt would be when hanged outside to dry during a Canadian winter..!

On top of that, my teacher was so kind as to point out to me that “if I wanted to be just a little more than good, I would need to practice four times a week”…oh…yeah, riiiight!…makes total sense!…and WHEN am I supposed to paint??!

However, in times of such despair, one usually tends to come up with the greatest of ideas – ideas which are greatest at least in the mind of the holder of such greatness – so I thought that I might as well start with a new blogging theme, something like “Lotti’s endless struggle for time” or so…

And that’s all for tonite, wish y’all a wonderful evenig, my dears, keep up that good spirit of yours, stay tuned and receive my many hugs,
Yours always,
Lotti ❤


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