Acrylic Revolution?

Dear folks

Even though I am more of an “oil person” in terms of painting techniques, I am also an “acrylic person” when it comes to my natural impatience which makes me usually want to finish things up almost before I’ve even started to paint.

Painting with oils is by far my favorite of all colours, however, having to usually wait for a week before one can start with a new layer (e.g. oil portraits often need 20 or more layers in order to give ’em a realistic look), it sometimes gets hard to resume the painting process after such a long break – on top of not being able to go on while you are in the flow. However, having discovered Liquin as a painting medium for oils, it kinda cuts down the waiting time in between layers a bit, so that’s fine.

Painting with acrylics – for me – is a whole other story. I do love the vibrant colours of acrylic paints (I never use water to thin them down, btw), however, the actual process of painting frustrates me more often than not because of their quick drying time, making it almost impossible for me to smooth things out on the canvas or make things look more realistic. For me, acrylic paints are definitely a struggle each time I use them (and I do use only artist quality paints).

So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to find a solution to my “painting-technique vs. drying-time” problem and discovered a whole new series of acrylic paints which seem to me almost like a call from heaven – meaning: paints more promising than I ever imagined to find. So, naturally, the description of this series of paints makes me simultaneously sceptical and incredibly curious – is this the solution to my problem? Is this an acrylic revolution?

I do realise that the Open Acrylic Series of the Golden brand exists for quite some time now , I just never looked at them closely enough to fully understand their – most likely – beneficial characteristics for someone like me!

To sum up, the Golden Open Acrylics seem to be something in between oils and normal acrylics, enabling smooth brushwork in a more relaxed atmosphere as they are said to have a far slower drying time than normal acrylics do. In short, I am so so so curious about these newly discovered paints that I will rush to the arts supply store this weekend and try them out at home in no time!…

….and I will certainly share my experiences with you on this topic.

That said, dear folks, if you have already worked with the Open Acrylics from Golden, I’d love to hear about your experiences which you can share in the comments below or via

Alright, my dears, keep up that good spirit of yours, stay tuned and receive my many hugs!

Yours always,
Lotti ❤



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