Lotti and her Lolita

It’s been only the 5th guitar lesson of my life and I am already rocking parts of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” on my pretty Lolita, which – I confess – makes me somewhat proud. However, there’s always just that much more to

a song which leaves a pupil – in this case me – with a dozen sparkling little question marks circling her head as the young teacher comes to her and says: “Well, Romina, that was already pretty good, now for the homework: find out all by yourself how you could possibly play the part between 0:43 and 0:49 in the song – I will not give you any tips to make it easier for you . Just one word: TABS
“No! I will not tell you anything but so much. See you again in two weeks!”

Ha! This is sneaky! What the h… means “Tabs”?!?
Well, guess I will just go ahead – making it as simple as possible for myself – and ask the wise guy YouTube for some hints on this one…:-)

So much for my other love next to Arts…called Lolita. ❤

Have a wonderful evening, folks, and keep up that good spirit of yours!
yours always,
Lotti ❤



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