Lotti and her Lolita

It’s been only the 5th guitar lesson of my life and I am already rocking parts of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” on my pretty Lolita, which – I confess – makes me somewhat proud. However, there’s always just that much more to

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Liebe Alle

Als ich vor einem Jahr einen Kurs in Ölmalerei besuchte, hatte ich das Vergnügen, Jürg, unseren Kursleiter, kennen zu lernen. Jürg ist ein fantastischer und allgemein bekannter Künstler; seine Werke sind einzigartig, in ihrer Zusammenstellung wie auch Farbkomposition, und beeindrucken mit einer Fülle an sehr interessanten Sujets, welche den Betrachter vollends in eine ganz eigene Welt katapultieren. Seine Werke versprühen durch die einmalige Farbintensität Energie und Faszination und regen den Betrachter allemal zum Staunen an.

Seine Ausstellung dauert noch bis 13. Dezember 2014 – ein Besuch lohnt sich auf jeden Fall!

ps. Die Bildbeispiele, welche online aufgeschaltet sind, kommen nicht einmal ansatzweise den Originalen nahe – so schwer ist es, diese faszinierenden Bilder mit der Kamera zu erfassen! 😀


Grosse Umarmung,
Eure Lotti ❤

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“In der Freiheit des Seins erscheint jeder Mensch in seiner wahren Schönheit und Kraft und entgeht somit jeglicher Beurteilung.” (by lotti leibnitz; inspiriert durch Arno Stern)

“With the freedom of being, simply, each person seems to grow in power and true beauty and thus escapes any judgement.” (by lotti leibnitz; inspired by Arno Stern)
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Yours always,
Lotti ❤

Art by Lotti – Chinese Ink Painting Practice


Dear friends

For lack of time (as I have just a normal office job during the day) and, sometimes, for lack of patience (as paintings usually take quite a long time to finish them up the way you want them), I sometimes go for the quick alternative with, nonetheless, great results –

by practising the art of Chinese ink painting…

Here I used the lovely ink colours of Winsor&Newton, however, on very very unflattering paper for this kind of art…will rush to the art supply store in no time! 😀

Chinese Ink Painting Practice

BTW, you will find the same subject painted by me on a wooden fruit bowl (from maybe 2009 or so) on my Website in the Gallery under “Past Works” – soooo much better than this paper 😉


That’s all for now, have a wonderful evening!
With love, yours always
Lotti ❤


It is crucial to either listen to the cheerful birds’ songs on a sunny day while you drift away to your very own little world by taking up that wonderful oil paint and smoothly moving the brush in every possible direction on your canvas or – you listen to the very music which fits beautifully into such an idyllic sunday, feeding your soul with inspiration and leaving you in a zen-like state of mind.

Today it was the amazing Yiruma, who has accompanied me for many a year, always successfully touching my heart with songs like Do you…, River flows in you or Moonlight. Lovin’ it ❤

Have a wonderful evening, folks, and keep up that good spirit of yours!

Yours always,
Lotti ❤