THE THREE SIBLINGS – A short story

Let me relate a short story to you. It is a tale about three siblings, young and vibrant at heart, who were meant to be born at a time when the map of the world was drawn upside-down and the continents were counted in two instead of seven parts. Had the three siblings been born at their meant-to-be-right time, which had been calculated and written down by the stars as “the perfect century for the three siblings to be born”, long before the earthly mass had split into two, they would have lived a life of sheer fable.

It would have been a life full of miracles and magic. The land, much prettier than we see in a zoo nowadays, would be overgrown with tall, glittering plants with buds the size of a Smart car, with a scent so glorious and alluring that no man of today would be able to resist falling in love with Mother Nature. There would be trees so mighty and strong that no one could possibly imagine them nowadays, with leaves fifty times the usual size and colours so vibrant and shiny that the people back then had to wear prettily hand-crafted sunglasses made of strong liana with an eye protection of UV 400 at the least (now you probably wonder how on Earth the people back then could have had the wisdom to know that sunglasses without UV-protection weren’t healthy – well, as wondrous the land back then was, as smart and utterly wise its people were).

The three siblings – had they been born at the perfect time for them to be born, as the stars foretold – would certainly have found themselves surrounded by a very pleasant assembly of all sorts of men; from talking, oversized beetles to deeply wrinkled, slow-moving turtles, who were believed to always hold on to hope even at the roughest of times; from life-long student mice to constantly playing squirrel monkeys who were thought to live happy-go-lucky lives and enter the Otherworld (nowadays, we would say ” die”) as young-at-heart as on the day of their birth. Time and again the three siblings would have been astounded by the absurdity of ironical misunderstandings which the cantankerous, hairy beasts of South Dillian liked to practice each long day. Our three siblings would at least once have been able to catch a glimpse of the scary-looking, fire-breathing giant lizards of Baldagor of Roya (although at second sight, everyone would realize that those lizards were probably the gentlest of all beings in all of the Universe) and would have remained spellbound for days after having, by chance, glanced at the heavenly beauty of the great guardians of all woods – the glorious fairies of La Phalicia.

Not only would our three siblings have been able to hold smart conversations with the many wise and gentle tree giants, commonly addressed as dryads in that particular land, but would even have gone for pleasantly long walks with them, since the trees were also able to move in those days. The three siblings would have spent their evenings drinking beer with the dwarfs, pondering over some new gimmicks to keep the days following interesting; they would have had long and deeply philosophical discussions with the wolves of Saryia, a land further to the North, where dense, misty forests met the dazzling ocean of Noya. Whenever time allowed, they would have spent many a day studying the highly cherished skills of archery from the elves. On very rare occasions, and only when the moon together with the five brightest stars in the sky shone down in perfect symmetry on Eena – a giant, blazing red flower bearing the most powerful spiritual healing seeds in all the land – only then our three siblings would have been honoured with an invitation to see the thirteen warlocks of Tendriya, where they would have studied the healers’ almighty recipes for invincibility and protection. Each month they would have gone on a quest to the top of the legendary Hill of Eternal Victory and each now and then would have had the great honour to speak to and learn about the purity of ephemeral life from the fairest of hearts and wisest of all: the blue-shimmering, pristine and graceful Unicorns (their richly ornamented ivory horns were still visible back then, but only to the truest of believers).

In this wonderful wonderful land, our three siblings would have, at times, taken part in the adventurous lives of the sole rulers over the jungles and kings under the starry skies – the mighty Jaguars. Besides, they would have been invited to study the secrets of survival by sharp-witted hawks and knightly eagles, which were famous throughout the centuries since the Big Bang for their distinctive, highly intelligent look at life and their most favourable hunting talent. And they would have helped the thoroughly organized ants Military develop new concepts on strategically smart moves in possible future emergency situations. On very special occasions, they would have been asked to dine with members of the famous family of hundreds of good-looking, aristocratic millipedes, which were considered an exquisitely elegant and literate folk.

Had the three siblings lived in that particular time, they would not only have been able to grow themselves wings (in that particular time every being could let grow on their body just about anything they wanted) and fly over the strikingly luminescent jungles with their glittering waterfalls and sparkling ponds and over constantly walking and talking dryads, but also they could have grown themselves flippers and scales before they would plunge into deep waters to visit their friends in the generally highly respected and vibrant capital cities of the two quite exciting underwater worlds, known as Aavadon and Tirian, respectively belonging to each of the two existing continents. Both cities were well known for their adventurous and splendidly organized fairgrounds, and especially for the two notoriously famous giant dropdowns of which one was just slightly deeper than the other.

As for the last five-hundred and eighty-three years, however, countless visitors and even locals, came down with a commonly known illness called chasm-o-phobia (a considerably aggressive illness which would make men fear depth and darkness). In order to prevent a commercial crisis, the fairgrounds of the two cities had, ever since the construction of the giant dropdowns and the break-out of chasm-o-phobia, considerably grown to encompass thousands of other remarkable highlights such as the “Nudy-Branch-Chess-Plays” or the notorious “Catch-the-Eel-without-getting-hurt-Parties” or even the world-famous Calamary Orchestra concerts which would rock the stage as no orchestra could ever do in our world. Also famous were the lively, multicultural Crab-Cabaret-Shows as well as the “Hide-and-Seek”-games with Clown anemonefish for kids at the fish-sitting platform where parents could leave their children while they would take the opportunity to enjoy an exquisite à-la-carte seaweed dinner in peace, naturally accompanied by the glorious voices of jazz singers (here I must say that playing “Hide-and-Seek” with Clown anemonefish is rather ridiculous, you see, because Clown anemonefish are indeed very easy to spot due to their bright white-orange bodies; however, as I have heard straight from the horse’s mouth, this game is considered for kids only and, mostly, in order to keep them in a good shape and busy, too!).

If visitors had sought some fun activity for grown-ups, then they would have most certainly joined in the “Jellyfish-Hopping-for-the-Resistant” or happily used the glamorous construction named “Fly-like-a-Shooting Star” (you can easily believe your imagination herewith); or they would have reserved a seat at the well established, legendary “Tea-Parties-with-the-Rainbowfish”. These fairgrounds, however, did also offer some great places for people who just wanted to relax for a while such as the elaborate “Mermaids-Beauty-Saloons”, where they could get the greatest massages of all times, or the “Blue-Whale-Reading-Corner”, where the thick, long baleen plates in the blue whale’s mouth shut out even the tiniest of sounds in order for the visitor to relax with a cup of coffee in one hand and a mystery book in the other.

Now you might think of cities such as Atlantis, or even Vegas, but think again: do those cities offer activities like the “Threetooth-Pufferfish-Fighting-for-the-Fearless” or the “Broadbill-Swordfish-Foil-Fencing-for-the-Swift”? Also, comparing Vegas to Aavadon or Tirian would be very ridiculous, you see, since none of the other cities you and I know of, even Vegas, could ever be able to offer activities such as tap-dancing workshops with Antarctic penguins in Wintertime.

However, our three siblings, unfortunately, weren’t born at the time they were meant to be born according to the foretelling of billions of wise stars. Sadly or not, quite the contrary had happened, when – after their quest through space and time where they met clouds of interstellar dust and had to constantly swerve around thousands and thousands of asteroids and the occasional satellite – they somehow missed the right spot to enter their new meant-to-be future and instead travelled through space some more light-years further until they bounced at last onto the solid ground of a, certainly, very pleasant and colourful planet called Earth. Even though they were, indeed, incredibly sad for the unexpected twist of fate, they – after some struggling at the beginning – managed quite well on Earth having adapted quite quickly. So it came that the oldest of the three siblings, a very smart and attentive girl, became simultaneously the head of the family. She was in charge of all family matters. She ran her errands on a daily basis (even though she might as well have easily run all errands biweekly), as she loved to go out of the house and chat with all the neighbours she met on the street. She lived a serious life and was destined to go exactly by the rules. The second of the three siblings, the brother who would take things into his hands if times should get rough, was of a rather wild nature; a spirited traveller who enjoyed harsh and secluded places and who loved to live a life full of adventures. As for the youngest, a very pretty and well-behaved young lady, she was said to go through life like a light breeze, with a heart full of curiosity. Most of her days she would happily spend in the siblings’ enchanting garden being creative. Above all, however, she adored to collect peppercorns.

As you can see, the three siblings lived a good and safe life on the very same versatile planet on which you and I also live. As much as they sometimes wondered about their missed lives which they were actually meant to have lived, as the spirited old stars of the enormous Universe had foretold, they also knew that their current situation became their new destiny, and that their long past actions became their new home. As a matter of fact, they were quite pleased with their lives and, since two days before yesterday, when they perceived a wink from the Universe (who was, by the way, protecting the three siblings from bad influences and fatal life decisions at all times) along with a secret and almost imperceptible whisper of great wisdom, they also learned that – with the power of faith, perseverance and serious ambition – even on planet Earth, all dreams might well come true.

Whatever the pursuit of happiness meant for each of the three siblings, they would each most certainly find what they were looking for…


© 2014 romina bogdanovic

You can find more of my written works on my Website, here’s the link:!words/csi9



One thought on “THE THREE SIBLINGS – A short story

  1. Dear friends

    Here’s a short story I have recently written. It took me several weeks to get to this stage, having proof-read, re-edited, corrected and changed it several times (English is not my mother-tongue, but my preferred language to read and write along with German 🙂 ). I am very happy to present this story to you now and I hope that you will have as much fun reading it as I had during the working process (mind you! this is not “only” a children’s story)… 🙂

    Yours always,
    Lotti ❤


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