First Blog Entry

Hello everyone

This is my attempt to start a Blog!

Even though the whole richly theme-packed world of blogging is confusing me more and more each day, I will try and do my best to step into 21st century social media networking!

I hope that I will be able to start shooting posts and news feeds on this Blog very soon and am now inviting you to join me on this new journey of being creative besides tackling
blog posts, feeds, images, tags, links, messages, space & time. 🙂

Anyhow, my goal on this Blog for now (one never knows what crazy ideas will
come up next) is as follows:

  • publish my newest Artwork
  • publish my newest Writings
    (incl. bits of my travel journal entries in “Habibi’s Travel Anecdotes”)
  • entertain you with Doodles over new ideas and projects
  • feed you with news about my current art doings and thoughts
  • tune you up with the latest feeds about my other creative attempts
    (theater, guitar, dance)
  • bother you with things which inspire me
  • inspire you
  • talk about what’s happening in the art scene of Zurich
  • and all this in English and/or German, depending on the situation or where things take place!

That’s all for now. Enjoy!

Alright folks, keep up that good spirit of yours, stay tuned and receive my many hugs.

Yours always,
Lotti ❤



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